The culture of your work environment sets the tone, after all, “The success and failure of any organization is directly proportional to the effort put in by each and every employee”. The culture of your company can either uplift and motivate workers, or it can result in a loss of productivity and high staff turnover, alongside the headaches of mediating unpleasant situations.

Mediation and dealing with situations that require disciplinary action are difficult. There is a predetermined set of actions that need to be taken, by law. Adhering to these steps is crucial in order to protect your own entity. Are you familiar with these protocols? What if one of your trusted staff members was stealing your intellectual property, or simply decided to abscond from work? Is your business kitted, right now, to handle the disciplinary process if one of your employees commits a dismissable offence? Probably not. We get it. But calling in a mediator once the issue already exists will complicate the manner in which it is handled – making it more expensive and far more time consuming.

You can take active steps to ensure that from the first step, you are following protocol and capable of navigating the process independently, and legally. That’s where our employee relations pack comes in. It serves as a fire extinguisher – sure, there’s no fire right now. But if one should break out, you’re equipped to resolve the issue without the panic and frantic searching for a helpline. Just like a fire, the damages left in the wake of disciplinary action will be minimal if you were prepared for it before the event.

Understanding Employee Relations

Employee relations are defined as the shared relationship between fellow workers, a worker and a superior, and vice versa. As people from different backgrounds may gather together as a team, they each bring a different set of perceptions and behavioural traits. Employee relations seeks to break down those barriers and adopt commonly accepted behaviours so that each person can feel safe, valued, and productive. The aim is to minimise conflict. Where there are differences of opinion, employee relation services aim to mediate and assist both sides in being heard and finding a mutually agreeable resolution.

Implementing Employee Relations Through Well-Established Processes

While a stringent hiring process can minimise these events, thanks to careful screening procedures, setting the tone in the office can help others to conform to the behavioural codes you have established.

Employee relations can be implemented with help from our team. There are a number of factors to consider, which include preventative measures to establish a single set of codes which everyone is expected to abide by. Then there are also disciplinary measures to consider – should an employee fail to respond to gentle warnings and guidance, you are required by law to follow a certain set of processes. It is important that this is communicated to employees, once again, to bring everyone together on the same page.

We offer an Employee Relations Pack for employers. It is designed to cater to most situations that may require professional HR assistance. It is created in accordance with the Employment Act but it acts as a support system, giving you the necessary documentation to facilitate any process in the Employee Relations duties. Our pack contains:

  • Disciplinary Code
  • Disciplinary & Grievance Policy and Procedure
  • Notice of Disciplinary Hearing
  • Chairman’s Guide
  • Record of a Hearing
  • Investigation Guide
  • Notice of Suspension
  • Warning Form / Recorded Reprimand / FWW
  • Appeal Form
  • Grievance Form

The Benefits of an Employee Relations Pack

An Employee Relations Pack will ensure each step of the process is followed according to the legal requirements. It also serves as a reference point to an employer with no background knowledge of HR. A common code of ethics that is drawn up using our pack will provide a reference point and ease conflict in the office. The benefits of that are numerous:

  • There are clear rules and structure around how employees need to behave and the process that the company will follow should their behaviour contradict those rules – this gives the employee confidence in being treated fairly, diminishes behaviour ambiguity which allows a focused approach to work and leads to better productivity and staff morale
  • Conflict can be resolved quickly preventing negativity growing which undermines morale
  • There is a consistent and fair approach and process to the resolution of grievances and misconduct which is legally defendable at the CCMA and other forums

An Employee Relations Pack is your company’s HR Fire Extinguisher. It does serve as a guideline, inducting employees as to the expectations of your company with regards to their attitude and workplace behaviour. It equips you with everything you need to make a meaningful impact before conflicts arise.

Should they arise, the Employee Relations Pack will also guide you as well as provide you with every form and process you need, to follow a legal disciplinary process that is in the best interest of your company and that is fair to the employee. Is this lifeboat essential to you? If you have so much as a single person employed under your business, it is absolutely essential. Contact SuccessPoint Consulting today for your Employee Relations Pack.

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